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Just a few seconds

to deliver an optimized traffic management plan in real time

Supports decision-making by simulating operational scenarios in real time.

Improves network regularity as well as energy efficiency and productivity

Optimized traffic management aligned with the business' interests



Our solution was developed to adapt itself to whatever operation, regardless of how radically distinct or unique.

Real time standardized reactions

Comprehensive interface keeps control centers informed of ever evolving circulation plans based on real time changes.

High quality development and improvements

Developed in Brazil with top-of-the-line technology and railway senior experts’ input, Rail movement Planner combines refined techniques with several decades-long experiences in the business.

State-of-the-art Technology

Designed with current demands in mind, and deep understanding of railway rules and concepts, it provides a major accomplishment regarding research and development.

Proven results

Increased capacity to react to any changes in the operation

Perfectly aligned with the business

Higher Average Speed

Due to improved circulation plans.

Greater network

With more predictable arrivals and departures.


By minimizing dwelling time and stoppage.

Enhanced productivity

In all operations and scenarios, improving loading and unloading times as well as maintenance allocation.

Greater safety and satisfaction

Gradual implementation with well-defined stages and procedures. Integration with data sources and legacy systems.

Support and maintenance services available 24/7.

Help Desk technical assistance services available during business hours.

Consistent update plan ensures clients always have access to the latest version.

Training available for all interested personnel (managers, operators, controllers...).


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