November 20th, 2019

Is your operation unconventional? Rail Movement Planner™ is the solution!

Greater planning adherence for any railroad operation model.

Rail Movement Planner™ already produces results greatly adherent and aligned to the railway operation needs, and its Meta-Planning Engine component is here to enhance such compliance even more, by considering various operational scenarios.

Rail Movement Planner™ delivers extremely adherent train circulation plans considering the multitude of railroad operation models, dealing with all sort of problems and restrictions presented by the railroad in a quick and efficient manner. From network and terminal congestion to train delays, occurrences are handled decisively through ever-evolving circulation plans that mitigate their impact, adding value to the business.

The challenge at hand was to further improve Rail Movement Planner’s ability to generate circulation plans that could suit to more distinct operations, such as mass transit. To address this demand, RMP’s new component was readily developed: Meta-Planning Engine (MPE).

How MPE works

So, what’s MPE’s role as a component of RMP? By functioning as an orchestra conductor and coordinating an ensemble of several algorithms – each developed with a wide range of techniques and objectives – MPE considers these different approaches and compares their efficacy with what RMP originally plans. All this as parallel processing accessible to the user, to whom the most effective circulation plan will always be delivered. Hence, MPE ensures Rail Movement Planner™ is always capable of adapting to whatever operation it’s implemented on, regardless of what kind of railroad it is!

While RMP sets its eyes on planning optimization, MPE observes alternative methods that RMP can calculate even more efficiently – improving the proposed plan gradually, learning whichever logic the current operation requires. It’s a high-level concept that not only searches the best possible answer to a proposed scenario, but also strives to adapt itself so each answer is incrementally better than the last! If unrestrained, MPE adds to RMP the ability to shape itself to better suit countless situations.

For any situation, any framework, any problem: Rail Movement Planner™ delivers the best possible result, even for radically distinct or unique operations.

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