April 30th, 2021

Adaptive Engine: Rail Movement Planner™ only!

Developed with railroad expertise, the Adaptive Engine acts like a railroad expert that enhances all traffic plans!

Only Rail Movement Planner™ brings the Adaptive Engine to your operation. In a world that cannot stop and in which precise and business-aligned decisions must be taken within seconds, this virtual railroad expert analyzes any traffic plan devised by the solution and fits it to your railroad’s needs!

Having planning algorithms as its core, working as digital brains behind traffic planning, Rail Movement Planner™ and the Adaptive Engine are triumphs after years of research and development.

Check our article and understand how Rail Movement Planner™ and the Adaptive Engine support daily railroad problem-solving in real time!

Differentiated product

Speaking of real time, one of the reasons Rail Movement Planner™ stands out from other solutions in the market is precisely how quick its planning is.

Traditionally, traffic plans are devised with highly mathematical approaches, meaning a myriad of calculations and an elaboration time of minutes, if not hours! These traffic plans work as strategic tools, a starting point.

However, as in the railroad everything changes at every moment, these plans quickly become obsolete and need to be tactically adjusted. And it’s in this context that Rail Movement Planner™ proves to be a crucial tool for operations.

Through powerful heuristics and planning layers carefully developed with railroad expertise, planning time is reduced to seconds, effectively allowing decisions to be made with the latest available information.

It is a solution that solves problems as they emerge, allowing planning consequences to be immediately verified. Besides, with the Adaptive Engine, any operational rule or legal requirement can be directly implemented in the planning algorithms – ensuring compliance.

Product evolution

Rail Movement Planner™ follows international trends and is constantly updated following its roadmap, always striving for a solution more adherent to the market.

And as the Adaptive Engine poses as an additional planning brain for the software, it is possible to expand its capabilities and enhance each instance’s efficiency. That said, there are improvements that interact with the Adaptive Engine directly, making different adaptations and configuration preferences to be considered in the process.

Therefore, despite being a consolidated product, this ensures that the system also includes customizations and innovative modular features, according to the needs of the customers. A constant evolution that guarantees credibility with regard to rail transport.

To know more about Rail Movement Planner™ and the Adaptive Engine, browse our website and learn all about what’s modern and efficient for your rail network!

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