May 11th, 2020

RMP and productivity: amplifying your team’s performance

Identifying, consolidating and evaluating operations-related personnel performance is critical for the railroad, directly aiding productivity and business results through continuous improvement.

More often than not, data that could be used in such assessments are left unused due to how challenging it can be to obtain, organize and analyze them in order to reach useful conclusions. This would enable training and procedure reviews in an objective manner, focusing on generating value.

Rail Movement Planner™, through its role of centralizing information pertaining the operation, several of which connected with railroad systems present at the Operations Center, keeps and provides an array of valuable data and information that can be applied to improve performance.

But how to assess good performance, and why?

By comparing performances between several professionals and identifying which of them present better practices and more efficient habits, training material can be elaborated in order to improve procedures and directing the team toward this elevated standard.

As an example, we can think of train conductors and how to detect how one can perform better in a given section of the railroad. Even minute differences in how each of them conducts their train, impacts in asset wear, fuel consumption and travel time can be significant – and properly detecting the best practices for each section allows for such knowledge to be passed on, improving operation as a whole.

And there’s more! These evaluations bring more benefits not only for the operational results, but for work to be done fittingly.

As its main gains, we can highlight the possibility of contributing to better work and health conditions, less stress, overtime reduction and delegating tasks more fitting to each person’s abilities.

The range of these benefits improves decision making adherence and allows much more flexibility to the development of good practices that become the cornerstone of new traffic plans.

As Rail Movement Planner™ can store such heaps of information, treating them and generating performance report in order to evaluate and criticize them for productivity’s sake becomes very viable. Maximizing assets doesn’t stop at tracks, locomotives and signals: it’s done through continuous productivity improvement of the people involved in the operation.

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